Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church - Marshfield, WI
Lent Devotional - March 11, 2023
on March 11th, 2023
O Christ, You walked the road Our wand’ring feet must go. Stay with us through temptation’s hour To fight our ancient foe.  Read More
Lent Devotional - March 10, 2023
on March 10th, 2023
When lures of easy gain With promise brightly shine, Lord, help us seek Your kingdom first; Our wills with Yours align.  Read More
Lent Devotional - March 9, 2023
on March 9th, 2023
No blinding sign we ask, No wonder from above. Lord, help us place our trust alone In Your unswerving love.  Read More
Lent Devotional - March 8, 2023
on March 8th, 2023
No bread of earth alone Can fill our hung’ring hearts. Lord, help us seek Your living Word, The food Your grace imparts.  Read More
Lent Devotional - March 7, 2023
on March 7th, 2023
O Christ, You walked the road Our wand’ring feet must go. You faced with us temptation’s pow’r And fought our ancient foe.  Read More
Lent Devotional - March 6, 2023
on March 7th, 2023
The appointed hymn for our consideration this week is “O Christ, You Walked the Road,” whose words were written by Herman Stuempfle Jr. This man had quite an impressive career. Stuempfle was born in 1923 in Clarion, Pennsylvania and lived in Gettysburg for more than five decades. He was the president of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, as well as a professor and dean.   Read More
Lent Devotional - March 4, 2023
on March 4th, 2023
O my God, my rock and tower, Grant that in Your death I trust, Knowing death has lost its power Since You crushed it in the dust. Savior, let Your agony Ever help and comfort me; When I die be my protection, Light and life and resurrection.  Read More
Lent Devotional - March 3, 2023
on March 3rd, 2023
Ev’ry wound that pains or grieves me By Your wounds, Lord, is made whole; When I’m faint, Your cross revives me, Granting new life to my soul. Yes, Your comfort renders sweet Ev’ry bitter cup I meet; For Your all-atoning passion Has procured my soul’s salvation.  Read More
Lent Devotional - March 2, 2023
on March 2nd, 2023
If the world my heart entices With the broad and easy road, With seductive, sinful vices, Let me weigh the awful load You were willing to endure. Help me flee all thoughts impure And to master each temptation, Calm in prayer and meditation.  Read More
Lent Devotional - March 1, 2023
on March 1st, 2023
Should some lust or sharp temptation Fascinate my sinful mind, Draw me to Your cross and passion, And new courage I shall find. Or should Satan press me hard, Let me then be on my guard, Saying, “Christ for me was wounded,” That the tempter flee confounded.  Read More
Lent Devotional - Feb 28, 2023
on February 28th, 2023
Jesus, grant that balm and healing In Your holy wounds I find, Ev’ry hour that I am feeling Pains of body and of mind. Should some evil thought within Tempt my treach’rous heart to sin, Show the peril, and from sinning Keep me from its first beginning.  Read More
Lent Devotional - Feb 27, 2023
on February 27th, 2023
Hymn: “Jesus, Grant That Balm and Healing” (LSB #421) Our hymn was composed by the hymnwriter Johann Heermann. Johann’s hymns are always reflective of pain and suffering in the light of Jesus Christ who suffered for us and grants us healing through His suffering for us.  Read More