Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church - Marshfield, WI

Little Free Pantry

Take what you need, give what you can

Boxes located at:
Christ Lutheran Church (1208 W 14th Street)
Marshfield Area United Way (612 S Cherry Ave)
Faith Lutheran Church (207 S Cherry Ave)
MACCI (700 S Central Ave)
A Little Free Pantry is a manageable and tangible way to help address food insecurity in Marshfield, and creates community through neighborhood engagement. It is not meant to address an on-going need, but rather to offer direct and immediate relief. A LFP may be a lifeline for those who need help with food to stretch until their next paycheck, someone unable to get to the store, or an item forgotten to buy at the store.

These modest cabinets are open all day, every day, self-serve with no paperwork or questions asked, stocked with mostly nonperishable foods by those who are able. More information can be obtained at

There will be 4 LFP’s installed around Marshfield. One at Christ Lutheran Church, Marshfield Area United Way, Faith Lutheran Church and MACCI,  with hopes to add another at a southeast location in the future.

How does this work? Even though its home is on these properties, the LFP belongs to all of us.

  • Give what you can by placing unexpired food, hygiene items or paper goods inside the LFP. Focus on items you would want to receive, and buy duplicates of what your own household uses. No gift is too small. A single can of soup or vegetables can help.
  • Take what you need. If you find an item inside that you need, take it and know that we care. Please remember the LFP belongs to all of us and take only those items needed, trusting the pantry will be here for you again.

What you can do;
  • Go to our Facebook page; Little Free Pantries of Marshfield. Like and share this page, and add comments or photos. 
  • Share this information with your group, school, church, and neighbors.
  • Embrace the model by giving and using the LFP. 
  • Monetary donations will be used to add supplies to the LFP.

Feel free to call Christ Lutheran Church at 715-384-3535 to be connected with one of the members involved with this initiative to address questions or to speak with your group.

The success of the LFP’s is absolutely dependent on community. The LFP’s need your support by stocking, caring for it, praying over it, and using it when you need it. Thank-you for your support.

Members of Christ Lutheran Church