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Conclusion of the Lord\'s Prayer

April 15 – Conclusion – Amen
What does this mean? This means that I should be certain that these petitions are pleasing to our Father in heaven and are heard by Him; for He Himself has commanded us to pray in this way and has promised to hear us. Amen, amen means “yes, yes, it shall be so.”

All prayers find their yes in Jesus.  He is the Amen.  In the book of Revelation, Jesus himself states that he is the Amen of God.  Because Jesus has made God our Father through the blood of his cross, the Amen is his resurrection.

The resurrection is where we find the certainty and confidence to approach God.  The Bodily Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ is the fitting conclusion to all prayers.  The resurrection is where we see all prayers being answered.  It is the foreshadowing to all prayers of healing, peace, victory, deliverance, and being made holy.
Amen is a word of faith, and faith is sure confidence in the work of Jesus Christ.  Amen is a word that you declare without a hint of doubt, it is a word meaning faithful and true.

The only way that we can end prayers in this way is because of Jesus Christ.  These prayers are pleasing to him because Jesus himself has taught us to pray for these things that we have listed in the Lord’s Prayer.

So Jesus commands us to pray.  This is indeed law, but a necessary law to hear to chasten our hearts and cause us to cry out to him to intercede for us with words from the Spirit in us who groans on our behalf.
And Jesus promises to hear us.  Our petitions to God do not fall on deaf ears, they fall upon the one who hears every cry and every prayer and will be our Amen to the Father and will grant these petitions in a way that pleases and glorifies Him through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen!  Amen!  Yes!  Yes!  It shall be so.
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