Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church - Marshfield, WI

August 2021 Library Update

Dear CLC Members,

Thank you to anyone who purchased a Christmas ornament or magnet from our recent Church Library fundraiser or made a donation! Altogether, the fundraiser raised $239! Any remaining items will be on sale again in December just in time for Christmas.

As volunteer church librarian I will use these funds to keep on top of exciting new Concordia Publishing House releases on great topics (CPH is our Synod’s publishing house) and seek out other good titles to make our library a great resource for Lutheran theologians of all ages.

Meanwhile, I encourage everyone to check out the already substantial collection of new books from the last year, which are all conveniently located on their own bookcase. Don’t miss the new Young Adult or children’s books, too.

Browse the New Books catalogue here. There’s a book for almost every topic and something is certain to spark an interest. These books are what got me hooked on theology and I’d love for others to get that same spark.

But how do you take a church library book home? Well, I’m glad you asked! Simply remove the fancy checkout card in the back of the book, write your full name and the date of checkout, and drop the card in the basket on the small table near the fiction section. It’s yours for two months.

Another note - please remember to return materials! If you’d like to keep a book longer, please email me at or contact the church office so I can keep track of them and ensure they are available for future generations of theologians. This will keep donor funds earmarked toward new books and not for replacing materials that have wandered off.

Happy reading!


New materials now on a church library shelf near you:

1. College 101: A Christian Survival Guide
2. Walking Together: Simple Steps for Discipleship
3. Connected to Christ: Witnessing in Everyday Life
4. Be Still and Know: A Study of Rest and Refuge
5. Inside the Reformation: The Times that Changed the World
6. A Simple Explanation of Homosexuality
7. A Simple Explanation of Angels