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Lutheran Prayer Companion

The Lutheran Prayer Companion

In the translator’s note, The Lutheran Prayer Companion is humorously described as the “prayerbook to end all prayerbooks.” In any case, it contains a ton of centuries-old prayers — 482 to be exact, drawn from various sources, and then 106 hymns.

With so many prayers there’s a lot of ground covered, but also some prayers that are nicely specific. There’s a prayer before going to work, for a son who is abroad, of a student who is tempted to quit school because of poverty, thanksgiving after completion of a new dwelling, of a Christian who must live among unbelievers, before undergoing surgery, and “of a woman who has a gloomy and unfriendly husband”!

Of course, one that’s come in handy lately is the “Prayer in contagious epidemics and plagues.” (#472).

For the church, you might flip to the prayers “for fruitful hearing of the sermon,” for ministers to preach boldly and against false doctrine, for peace in the congregation. Or, the prayers when about to read the Bible, before partaking of the Holy Supper, and self-examination from the Ten Commandments.

As a prayerbook The Lutheran Prayer Companion is a fantastic resource, and can be browsed through or checked out at the church library located past the Fellowship Hall. Be sure to also take a look at the 35+ new books now available in the library as well!

Church Librarian

The Church Library is located by the Sunday School office and includes fiction and nonfiction titles, children’s books, Lutheran Witness magazines, A Simple Explanation booklet series, an audio Bible on CDs, music and DVDs, Arch and other kids books, plus a new Young Adult section!

Browse the online catalogue on the church app. Many of the new books have been published in just the last few years and were sourced from Concordia Publishing House, the publisher of the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod.

Don’t miss the ongoing book sale of retired library books in the Fellowship Hall. Funds will be used to purchase new resources (especially from Concordia Publishing House) for the church library. Donations toward the Library Fund are greatly appreciated to continue developing an updated, theologically sound resource for the congregation.