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Sexual Morality in a Christless World

Book of the Month
Sexual Morality in a Christless World by Matthew Rueger

The 21st Century Christian view of sexual ethics is countercultural when it comes to same-sex marriage, promiscuity, and temptation.

But the same could be said of Jesus’s day — in fact, the situation was much worse. As Rueger explores, the Romans and Jews each had views that were often set in direct opposition to the growing church. The Christian idea of ethics set a different standard for the individual in a climate where predatory behavior by a higher-up was considered normal, even boasted about.

After examining the historical context, the author dives into the Bible verses which address multiple kinds of sexual sins and helpfully defines the Greek words used.

The author presents a case against popular ideas of sexual orientation and being “born that way,” and points out the flaws in other common objections. These include studies which are cited in an effort to support genetic or biological causes for homosexuality, and the differences between Ceremonial, Civil, and Moral law in the Bible to explain why Christians can eat shrimp but keep the laws on sexual sins.

Finally, Rueger reminds us that in the midst of the noise, there are real people with real struggles for whom the church needs to be a place of refuge, whatever their sins. While not denying the damage sin inflicts, the Christian announces forgiveness of sins to the soul suffering under its weight. The last few pages of the book summarizes this well.

Sexual Morality in a Christless World is an ideal read for anyone looking to make sense of the cultural noise and hold to what continues to be true, in faith and love.

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Kaylin, Church Librarian

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