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Jesus Christ Proclaimed

One of the things that I love about the book of Acts is that it quickly shifts from one scene to another.  It almost reads like a comic book.

From panel to panel the story moves.  The coming of the Holy Spirit, miraculous healings, Apostles arrested, trials, Saul persecuting, Saul converted, Gentiles believers, shipwrecks, conspiracies, angels, dissensions, risks, arduous journeys, all in service to the proclamation of Jesus Christ.

You name it, Acts has it.

In fact, with so much going on it feels like the disciples are flying by the seat of their pants. There is even a part where an angel wakes Peter up in prison and tells him to get up and walk out of jail.  Peter is in so much of a daze that he thinks he is dreaming until he finds himself outside of the jail and the angel suddenly gone.

But it would be a mistake to think that by flying by the seat of their pants that the disciples have no plan or direction.

In response to the coming of the Holy Spirit, Peter proclaims Jesus Christ.
After a miraculous healing takes place, the Apostles’ proclaim Jesus Christ.

When the Apostles’ are arrested, they give witness to Jesus Christ.

When Saul the enemy is converted to Christ, he proclaims Jesus Christ.  

When the Gentiles, non-Jews, hear the proclamation of Jesus Christ they believe.  

The angels release the disciples from jail so that they can go and proclaim Jesus Christ.

Despite the shipwrecks, the conspiracies, the risks and the long journey’s it all leads to the Church giving witness to Christ.  And wouldn’t you know it, God works through it all.

Yes, even though Acts depicts this infant church turning the world upside down, it all leads to the good news that Jesus Christ is Lord and King.

Your Lord and King.

With everything this past year, it certainly feels like we are flying by the seat of our pants here at Christ Lutheran.  If you would have asked me on January 1st where we would be 2/3 through the year, I never would have guessed all the things that have come our way.

But I could have told you one thing.  Jesus Christ would be proclaimed.  Jesus Christ would be given.  And Jesus Christ would be received.

It has been one crazy year.  At times I feel like Peter being led out of prison in a daze with all that is going on.  But when that moment of clarity arrives, I do know one thing that will always happen at Christ Lutheran and you can bet your bottom dollar on it:

Jesus Christ will be proclaimed.

In Christ,
Pastor Andrew Belt
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