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Deliberating a Call

To my dearest brothers and sister in Jesus Christ,

As you might have already heard that I have received and am currently considering a divine call to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Beatrice, Nebraska.  Karen and I flew down for a visit last week to talk with them there.  We’re still in the middle of the decision process.  It is an especially difficult decision for many reasons.  We’ve been here at Christ Lutheran so long and love it here and love the people here very much.  

We’re so very thankful for the members and leadership at Christ and for the whole staff here.  It’s been a very unusual and difficult year with COVID-19 and all the unrest in our world.  Yet we remain strong, knowing that Jesus is the Lord of His church.  He will continue to work here and in Beatrice and through the people of both congregations and through my family and myself, too.  It’s hard to discern God’s will, though, and God often works gradually in big and little ways—sometimes in surprising and mysterious ways!  

We’re seeking to stay grounded in God’s Word and in prayers, and I’m doing my best to continue to give my ministry at Christ all my strength and all my efforts and my whole heart.  I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that God will uphold all of us together.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your cards and prayers and emails and conversations and support.  I thank God for all those who have pleaded, “please stay!”  All of this means far more than I can begin to express.  I wholeheartedly welcome all your thoughts and concerns and prayers now as always.

This has already been a powerful experience.  My life won’t be the same, whether I stay or go.  I know that many of you have in the past and some of you are currently wrestling with decisions, too, both big and small.  These struggles only strengthen our bond together. My prayer for you and for myself could be expressed in many a hymn, including LSB 707:

“Oh, that the Lord would guide my ways
To keep His statutes still!  
Oh, that my God would grant me grace 
To know and do His will.”

Most of all, I’m struck by the incredible honor it is to be your senior pastor, to know you, to work with you, to care for you, to proclaim God’s Word to you and share His love, to commune you and to share my life with you!

Peace and every blessing in Jesus Christ, our gracious Savior!

In His love,
Pastor Daryn

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