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Musings at the Beginning of a Study of Studies on the Songs of Songs

Musings at the Beginning of a Study of Studies on the Songs of Songs

Undertaking a new Bible Study on a book of the Bible that I haven’t led a Bible study on before is quite a task. What causes it to be so difficult?

There are many reasons. First, there are radically divergent interpretational opinions and approaches even among confessional and conservative Lutheran pastors and scholars, going back to Martin Luther himself. Second, there is the type of book that it is. It is epic, majestic, beautiful, but it is also earthy, perhaps cringeworthy at times, and downright surprising or even shocking in terms of the unflinching way that it deals with the full breadth and range of human experience and emotion. Third, and finally, it, perhaps more than any other book of the Bible, comes to us across a vast cultural divide. Not only is it couched in the customs and figures of speech that were unique to its inception, but also, from our present perspective, views about marriage, courtship, propriety, gender similarities and differences, etc., etc., have been kaleidoscopically morphed at such a frenetic pace that it feels that we are navigating the San Andreas fault during an earthquake, or the ocean extending outward from Chesapeake Bay during a nor’easter.

Why then, with all these difficulties, should we study such a book? First, even with all the differences among scholars, one common feature is that very many of them shed light on how this beautiful book ultimately points to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. That alone is all the reason we need. For we, as a congregation and as believers, have committed ourselves to be faithful students of the Bible, and it is our hearts’ desire to learn more about Jesus. Second, such a unique book forces us to step outside our comfort zones and challenge our assumptions. These are key ingredients for living a life of intentionality and introspection. Third, and finally, I would argue that given our modern-day cultural lostness, going back to ancient theological pathways is of great value in finding our way home.

Please join us for a new Sunday morning Bible Study, beginning this Sunday at 9:15 a.m., and continuing as long as it takes us to read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest the Song of Songs!

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