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Happy Guatemala Day!

Happy Guatemala Day!!!

It really is a reason for us to celebrate as a congregation. Our team has been meeting for several months, and now, in less than a month, we’ll be IN Guatemala!!!  Thank you to everyone who has chosen to share with us as prayer partners and financial supporters and in-kind-donation donors!  I’ve never been on a mission trip like this before, so I’m nervous, too, but I have all my shots, all my paperwork, and my passport ready to go.  I suppose that one could easily mistake a mission trip for a vacation.  After all, we’re getting on an airplane, staying at a hotel on our way back, and our destination is in a foreign country.  However, that’s where the similarity ends!

For one, I won’t be able to use my camera, and other electronics are highly limited, too.  So, no computer, no phone.  Since we have to be careful where we go and when we go there, I won’t be able to run, either. As a result, it’s definitely outside the comfort zone of the things I’m used to!  I don’t speak Spanish, either.  Eeek!

There is, however, a guitar waiting for me, and I have three songs memorized in Spanish.  I’m excited about the Bible lesson, and the teamwork involved in all of us teaching our lesson on King Solomon and wisdom!  I’m excited to meet individuals and families, and to be able to help people with medical and other needs.

In thinking about the trip, I’ve realized that it will change me.  I’ll be a different person when the plane from Guatemala lands in Dallas.  I’ll have a new understanding of what is important and what isn’t.  I’ll have a new understanding of the joys of introducing people to Jesus that are hungry to hear the Gospel.  I’ll have a new appreciation for the sacrifices people make to reach others with the love of God and of the joy of people who might not have a lot of the trappings of this world but are filled with the Holy Spirit.

When we get back, I’ll look forward to sharing that with YOU!  In big and little ways.  Until then, let us rejoice, and let us pray.  Let us share in the anticipation of the journey, for it is a journey that we are taking TOGETHER!  It’s an honor to represent not only Jesus Christ, but the people of Christ Lutheran.  It’s an honor to be with such a fantastic team.

So, please do join us to share in that wonderful enchilada meal.  Please join us in a special day of worship and sharing further about the mission in Guatemala.  You’ll see, in words and pictures and in person what God is preparing us for, and why we’re doing what we’re doing.  Please take the time to read Cherian’s wonderful article too, that describes what we’re doing each day.

Also, a huge thank you to Pastor Andrew and Rebecca, who are my prayer partners for this mission trip!  That is so important!   So are you!

In Christ’s love,
Pastor Daryn

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